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About The Fort:

The heritage Lotwara Fort is situated on the bank of pious river Banganga emerged by the arrow of Arjuna to quench the last thirst of Bhisma Pitamaha of Mahabharata.

This small attractive Garh of Lotwara was the tajeem of Thikana of the Royal Amber State and later Jaipur State belonging to the brave Kilanot clan of the Kacchawa Dynasty which is evident from the reference of Col. James Tod in ‘Tod Rajasthan’, Khanchawari Vanshavali by Prof. S.S. Ratnawat, Khastriya Rajvansh by Raghunath Singh Kali Pahadi.

Heritage Lotwara Garh (Fort) was built by Thakur Ganga Singh in the 17th Century. It is situated on the lush green productive plains of Rajasthan rich in ground water and productive lands producing wheat, mustard & barley as main crops.

The Jagirdar of Lotwara were earlier living at fort Manpur. As historical importance the fort of Manpur was constructed by the Jagirdar of Lotwara in 17th Century in the name of Raja Man Singh of Amber. Two brothers Thakur Vijay Singh & Sanwat Singh laid down their lives in service of Jaipur State during the battle of Tunga against Mahatji Scindhia where Jaipur State was victorious. Lotwara was the Jagir of 12-Horses (the then measurement of the area) in the service of Jaipur State.

The research scholars and students can definitely learn here a lot regarding history and culture of Rajasthan. They can make their stay comfortable. The environment and historical monuments in the nearby vicinity can add more to their knowledge and scope.

Splendid History

In the regime or Maharaja Jagat Singh, in 18th Century there was a famous dancer named Ras Kapoor. She was very beautiful. Maharaja Jagat Singh fell in love with her and she was promoted to the post of Adrajan (half queen of the dynasty). She was taking willful arbitrary administrative decisions with regard to Jagirdars and Fiefs of Jaipur State who were annoyed to accept her (the half ruler of Jaipur State) orders. There was complete unrest in the State of Jaipur. As a protest Thakur of Lotwara Jagir Th. Kalyan Singh I and Thakur of Dooni Jagir Th. Ganga Singh strongly objected and asked Maharaja Jagat Singh to choose either to stay with Ras Kapoor or to give up the thrown of Jaipur. Finally their protest was accepted and Ras Kapoor was imprisoned in the fort of Jaigarh. The Jagir of Lotwara was in the eastern part of Rajasthan having its Court H.Q. (Kacheri) at Manpur. During the 17th Century when Haldia was Prime Minister, having his Jagir at Sikrai, misused his powers due to jealousy with “Jagirdar of Lotwara and confiscated village Manpur from Jagir of Lotwara. At that time entire lands of Manpur and its 14 Temples were all donated to Pandits of Manpur village and Jagirdar of Lotwara shifted from Manpur village and finally settled in Lotwara only.The present property owner is Thakur Giriraj Singh S/o Thakur Kalyan  Singh.